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The Art of Dining

Okay. So can I first start off by just saying, that sometimes, you have to hustle haaaaard (like that time I was short for cash for my overseas trip and so I made and sold copious amounts of cumquat marmalade with neighbours cumquat's and free jars. And even when I stuffed up 3kg worth of marm? I blended it and turned it into 'Aunty Zoz's Famous Cumquat Syrup' - the perfect addition to any G&T. Boozy mum's loved it and threw cash at me to make their G&T's taste like a liquid brekky. When life gives you cumquats, fund your overseas trip cherubs.), and other times, opportunities magically fall into your lap. This was one of those magical times.

I was approached by a group of ten people attending the 2019 NGV Art of Dining, masquerade ball. They're heard somewhere on the grapevine that I was a creative jack of all trades, adored costumes (and had even fashioned myself a handmade costume here and there), and asked if I'd be interested in creating 10 handmade masks for their table.

I spent hours playing with ideas (looking genuinely looney on the tram moving my hands across my face trying to work out how I could make these damn things), before settling on the idea of creating sets of fish, and bird masks, out of water-coloured paper feathers. The group loved to fish, and so were delighted with the idea. Half the masks were on sticks, for those who wanted the ease of being able to place the mask down, and half attached with a silk bow.

The task of creating unique water colour patterns, then cutting out and glueing down each and every fish scale and feather, took weeks. I listened to a 42 hour audio book and watched too many episodes of *mutters incoherently* (I shant be telling you what I watched. My street cred is already on the rocks). But oh lordy, lordy! Did they turn out, or did they turn out!

For all your costuming, masky (or marmy) needs, chuck your gal Zoz here a call!


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