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North West City News 

Kensington’s new NABE-ourhood arts space by Sean Car


"Ever wanted to have a crack at arts and crafts, but never found that perfectly comfortable space to begin your journey? Or simply wanted a mental break away from your busy life to find a creative outlet … ideally, in your neighbourhood? 


Well, people of Kensington, rejoice! Founder and director of NABE Studios Zoë Blow has reimagined a former fish and chip shop on Ormond St as just the sort of community space you’re after to get those creative juices flowing."

IG: @northwestcitynews

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Podcast Interview: What Artists Eat

Claire Lefebvre & Zoltan Fecso

"Zoe Blow is an utter ray of sunshine. She’s your true multi-hyphenate, with her brilliance shining from the role of artist to studio director to life drawing host to gallery director to… you get the picture. Zoe’s the kind of person who, when she can’t find what she wants, will create it.


Naturally, she decided to start hosting life drawing classes when she was lonely in her studio with a stack of art supplies, craving community. For the past 3 years, she’s been running Council Street Life Drawing in Naarm / Melbourne. Her deep passion is accessible community art, where anyone can be involved."

IG: @what_artists_eat

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