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Nabe Studios, Kensington

I’m the Founder and Director of Nabe Studios (AKA Nabe), a community-minded creative space for local and emerging makers and the broader Kensington community, with artist studios and an exhibition and event space.

Nabe started as a temporary pop-up exhibition space in the nightman's alleyway behind my old sharehouse, formerly known as Panic Room Gallery. Panic Room very quickly grew arms, legs, and an extra head, so when a permanent space in Kensington became available in December 2022, I jumped on it! The old Panic Room name no longer felt aligned to where I was moving. Nabe is an Aussie slang word for neighbourhood and a type of Japanese hot-pot where everything is chucked in, and all cooked up… With that in mind; Nabe is a wonderful hodgepodge melting pot of all my projects tied into one, where nothing is perfect (we've kept the crumbling wall and make-do attitude), and where connection and community are at its core.

My mission through Nabe was to make a creative space where anyone could rock up and feel welcome and confident in exploring their creativity. This ideology is a recurring theme across my creative practice.


As the project and space grew, 

Photography Credits: Natalie Edge Photography


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