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‘Designed to be Perceived by Touch'
Nabe Studios

27 Oct - 5 Nov, 2023

“It was a sea of lovingly crafted textiles, made with skilful hands over countless hours, now ragged castaways.”


‘Designed to be Perceived by Touch’ is an interactive installation comprising textile pieces on loan and rescued from local op shops, reference books, found archival documents, and interviews with artists from Nabe Studios Group exhibition, TACTILE. This installation acknowledges our shared desire to touch textural artworks (don’t deny it) and allows viewers to satisfy their tactile curiosity while conveniently protecting the artworks on the walls from greasy mitts!

In curating TACTILE and creating this installation, Zoë felt that solely presenting works in conventional ways would dishonour the history or imply a sense of shame toward the often practical, domestic nature of textiles. The installation aims to encourage viewers to reflect on how they perceive and appreciate textile arts/crafts and is designed to be enjoyed by adults, children, and individuals who are blind, visually impaired, or have low vision. ‘Designed to be Perceived by Touch’, along with the individual works presented in TACTILE, strive to honour both the rich history and future of textiles as an expressive medium for storytelling, connection, and care.

TACTILE was sponsored by @bodriggbrewingco & @kettleoffishwine

Photography by Natalie Edge Photography

A huge thank you words and textile pieces on loan from:

Dinithi De Alwis Samarawickrama

Fiona Wilson

Rachel Mari Simkover

Zoltan Fecso

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