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Council Street Life Drawing


I launched Council Street Life Drawing (CSLD) in 2019 whilst working from my home studio in Clifton Hill. Having always wanted to pose myself but finding it difficult to find fun, judgement-free spaces to start, I set out to create a welcoming space for first-time models and those who would felt nervous attending a formal art class. The sessions focus on exploring individual styles, and guiding relaxed, humorous conversations between life model and participants to promote body, sex and gender positivity.


I aim to make CSLD a space where people feel as if they’ve walked into a friend's house, and can leave behind all perceptions of rigid art classes, showing that art can be accessible to everyone. I currently host weekly sessions from my studios, Nabe Studios in Kensington.

Head to the CSLD Instagram to stay up to date with session dates and info. Website coming soon.

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