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‘A Seemingly Mundane Tapestry’ 
Nabe Studios

18 July -  2 Aug, 2023

What questions do we ask those close to us, to get to know who they are? The unique, strange, wonderful person beyond the readily told and repeated family stories, their hobbies, or their job or self given titles? How well do we know our parents, our grandparents, our or siblings?


‘A Seemingly Mundane Tapestry’ is a participatory art installation asking viewers to reflect and anonymously respond to seemingly mundane questions. Viewers place their answers in the response box, to then be posted up in The Window; slowly weaving together a collective tapestry of likes, dislikes, memories, habits, hopes, thoughts and ways of doing things. Things that together, create an intimate insight into who is a person is when they are just being them.

A full catalogue of collected responses will be made into a small book shortly.


To read the origin story of this exhibition, go here.

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